Macadamia @ The Aloes

Are you the discerning, independent home seeker, someone who intends buying their retirement home while they still have a good stable income?
Have you worked your whole life to get to this point, and now considering active and socially varied lifestyle, with the emphasis on healthy living, but who wishes to simplify your life by removing the issues of maintenance, insurance and security normally associated with private suburban home ownership?

A secure environment which affords one the privilege of lock and go and enabling one to enjoy your second home or travels with peace of mind. Macadamia @ The Aloes allows for the added benefit of not having to be exposed to the potential trauma of needing to relocate should you or your spouse’s housing and care requirements change.

It’s all about planning

‘How will I spend my time?’ ‘Where will I live?’ ‘How much money will I have and how much will I need?’ ‘What do I want to do with the rest of my life?’ These are just some of the many questions that you might find yourself asking when you start thinking about your retirement. A bit overwhelming isn’t it? For this reason, it is vital to have a guide to assist you to navigate through this unchartered terrain.

Consider these questions when buying a retirement home:

  • Does the Estate offer you independence with the added benefit of a lock up and go lifestyle.
  • Does the Estate enable you to continue the lifestyle to which you are accustomed?
  • Is the neighbourhood safe and secure to walk around in?
  • Do you have friends or family nearby?
  • Does this Estate have suitable proximity to medical facilities, doctors, dentists or health practitioners and good hospitals etc.?
  • Does the Estate in which your home is situated, offer “continuing care models”, where the resident starts out in independent living and receives increasing levels of care as and when needed?
  • Should it become necessary, would the facility on the estate cater for Frail Care or Memory Care for those with cognitive or dementia challenges?
  • Are the homes senior friendly, wide passages, accessible bathroom amenities etc.?
  • Have the sales agents specially been trained to assist and guide me in the purchase of my next home?

Macadamia @ The Aloes is an assisted living Estate catering for your needs and concerns; from the perfectly healthy persons with little or no need for care to the person requiring various levels of care. This will ensure comfort and peace of mind at all times!

Retirement living can be a marvelous exciting experience, provided you connect with an Assisted Living Estate, catering for your needs, interests and budget.

The informed choice for retirement

The need for Assisted Villages in South Africa has become a necessity rather than a luxury, with a demand so great that potential buyers often end up on a waiting list. Very few South African towns and cities have the privilege of any and often insufficient facilities. In most cases the elderly residents are left with no option other than to relocate. We believe it is important to find a facility where you will feel “at home”.

“Why would anyone not invest in Macadamia? Perhaps they simply weren’t in the know!” (The Lowvelder. 19 Dec ‘08)

The beginning of the Macadamia Village Concept

Purchaser’s in the Macadamia @ The Aloes Assisted Living Estate can have peace of mind that Tony Lagerwey (Pty) Ltd, the developers proved themselves as developers with integrity, having been in the construction and development industry since 1959.

Amongst the Macadamia Village developer’s achievements, have been the particularly successful, Macadamia Village White River (est. 1994), Macadamia Village West Acres (Nelspruit), Macadamia Village Tzaneen, whilst Macadamia @ The Aloes in Polokwane, Macadamia Barberton and Macadamia Sonheuwel (2nd for Nelspruit) are in various stages of development.

Macadamia Care Centre

People caring about people
As the wellbeing of our residents is of the utmost importance to us, healthcare is one of the cornerstones for this Development. The Macadamia Care Centre is set in attractive surroundings within the Macadamia @ The Aloes Estate, offering a caring environment for all it’s residents.

The Macadamia Care Centre offers various levels of care from basic health monitoring and panic response to the occupants of Full Title homes, to assisted living in two bedroom Sectional title units, to assisted care in the Studio’s and One-bedroom apartments. Where our vision is to enable residents to stay as long as possible in their own homes or apartments, where they will be assisted and appropriately cared for.

A frail care complex with bedrooms for frail residents, dining rooms, lounges, etc. as well as specialized long term or nursing care for those with health problems who require fulltime nursing, forms the core of the assisted living and care service.

A specialized Memory Care unit, separated from the Care Centre and focusing on dementia care, ensuring 24/7 monitoring, assistance and care will also be part of the care centre.

We at Macadamia @ The Aloes strive to provide a highly desirable community, which will serve your every need both now and in the future.
You have worked your whole life to get to this point, so relax; we will do everything in our power to ensure that you enjoy an active, carefree lifestyle within our community. We believe that by choosing to live in our Estate you will have invested in your lifestyle and secured your future.

Macadamia Care Centre

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