Estate Management

PropServ Limpopo is an outsourced Estate Management Agency who Devote their full attention, to the degree necessary to perform all duties properly, to the management and administration of the Estate, on behalf of the board of Directors.

We Comply with all relevant provisions of the Act, the Rules and any other applicable statutory provisions or regulations and obey and execute and reasonable directives and instructions which may be given from time to time by the Board of Directors.

We Exercise the utmost good faith towards the Estate, both in carrying out our duties hereunder, and in all our dealings with the Estate.

We Strictly preserve the confidentiality of all information gained in respect of the affairs of the Estate.

  • We attend to all Financial and Administration Management of the Estate
  • We implement and maintain all aspects of the Governance of the Estate
  • We provide all communication with in the Estate.
  • We development and manage the SLA for security
  • We Guide Homeowners and their contractors in terms of HoA procedures IRO building management
  • We Manage Builders Code of Conduct, in terms of :
  •                   Implementation of HoA responsibilities and duties
  •                   Enforce Adherence to the Builder’s Code of Conduct.
  • We maintain all Common Area’s
  • We inspect and maintain the Aesthetics of the Estate

Our team consists of:

Adrian Lucas
083 630 9600

Evelyn Cloete – Accounts
073 254 8776

Yolandie Crouse – Operations
078 893 7886

Siobhan Wood – Auditing